You want to promote yourself online, here what you should do!

KN-NzuRlDo not take the risk that could make you be penalized. Work honestly; do not use black hat techniques for ranking. Find out how Google penalizes.

Use Google Webmaster Tools. You can and have here so much to learn, a lot of useful information.

 Set up and use Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a powerful tool outlandish. It will give you valuable information about your visit, source of visits, as well as many other parameters.

Adjust Google+ for your company and connect it to your site. Not only acknowledge your authorship, but it will be used for ranking.

SEOUse PPC for better SEO. Advertising on ad words-in will provide valuable information about the keywords that you can best serve.

 Low quality = high risk. Links with low quality websites give you the risk of being penalized by Google.

 Create content primarily for people, not for search engines. There’s no point to create content that will bring high positions, if it does not serve well in the search engines.

 Remove the copied contents. You have been punished if you have a text that already exists on some website.

517091_origEnsure that your content is good enough for the front page. If your content is not better than those that are already on the first page, then your site does not deserve to be ranked on the first page.

Post your videos. Visitors love the videos and they increase retention time on your site.

 Create interesting graphs and info graphics. It is more likely that you will be shared on social networks.

 Keep a blog on your website. You get the readership, visit the authority. You will be artifacts for multiple keywords.

Balance between content creation and marketing facilities. You will have better results if in addition to writing you save a little time for marketing your articles.

Create unique, descriptive title for each text. It is desirable that the title contains up to 65 characters.

 Create unique, descriptive target description. In the 160-character description of what it is on the page. From target description depends whether people will visit your site.

Explore keywords before you optimize your site for them. Whether you are working on page or off page,

SEO make that visits and sales depend on the choice of keywords.

marketing-de-conteudoUse the Google Keyword Planner. One of the best tools for keyword research will help you to get ideas and to analyze of existing phrases which you will use  in optimization.

Target relevant keywords. Choose keywords that are relevant to your site and your product / service. As relevant, the easier it will rank them.

Target commercial keywords. There are visitors who are looking for information and visitors who are ready to advance to buy the product / service. Commercial keywords targeted to the second group.

Long-tail keywords are a great source of visitors. It is easier to optimize your site for longer periods, certain key phrases. The benefit of this is the fact that more than 40% of all search queries containing more than 4 words.

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