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"To open the eyes of the young and old to the beauty and wonder of our outdoor world and to increase awareness of the need for conservation."

The Ridge Audubon Society was created in 1964, with funding provided by Roger Babson and a land grant from Webber University.  

Our mission is to promote an understanding and interest in wildlife and the environment that supports it and to further the cause of conservation of natural resources with emphasis on the Lake Wales Ridge.

We meet on the second Tuesday of each month, from October through April.  We have a potluck supper at 6:00 followed by a presentation at 7:00.  All are welcome! You don't have to be a member to attend. Check the News and Upcoming Events page for details of upcoming meetings.

The Ridge Audubon Center houses a meeting room with nature exhibits and a separate building for pot luck suppers and various other uses.  Our two buildings are connected by a breezeway with benches that look out at the nearby woods and very active bird feeders.  

An Great-horned owlet peeks over its nest on a light pole at the athletic field adjacent to the property.


Ridge Audubon is affiliated with the National Audubon Society and Florida Audubon.   Our president, Sandy Madden, works on a voluntary basis, as do the board members, who are responsible for policy and larger expenditures. Volunteers contribute time and effort to maintain the grounds, help conduct group activities, and assist with bird counts.  Financial support comes from yearly dues ($10/Individual, $20/Family) and contributions, but our biggest fund raiser is the annual yard sale which is held in conjunction with the 40-mile Scenic Highway Yard Sale each November.  

There are several short, winding trails on the property, open to all during daylight hours.  The trails are clearly marked, each one starting from the area around the building.  Walkers have the opportunity to stroll through both scrub and wooded areas, passing through longleaf pine, turkey oak, and open areas with native plants, shrubs and wildflowers.  The main trail wanders through scrub and wooded areas in a loop to and from the Center.  The Lake Trail meanders through the woods to nearby Crooked Lake, ending at the marshy shore. 


Jacque Woodward

Valerie Kirakofe 

Board Members

Gail French

Jack Madden

Jennifer Nanek

Sandy Madden

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