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Pinewoods Milkweed

The open scrub land and the forested areas of the Lake Wales Ridge support a stunning array of plants and trees, especially considering the sandy soil and often dry conditions.  Many of them are designated threatened or endangered by state or federal agencies.  Of these and other rare plants, some can be found nowhere else on earth. 


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Pygmy Fringe Tree

The relatively small tract around the Ridge Audubon Center has some of these rare plants and shrubs along the trails and near the building. For example, a pygmy fringe tree, which is on the federal endangered list, can be found near the start of the Lake Trail. A few of the plants, trees and shrubs seen on our trails are Britton’s beargrass, gopher apple, coontie, garberia, beautyberry, pricklypear cactus, wiregrass, sandhill wire weed, pinewoods milkweed.  Turkey oak and longleaf pine shade much of the trail, while scrub oak, saw palmetto and deer moss are seen in the scrub with other native plants.    

Tall Elephantsfoot

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